Health Insurance

UNH Health Insurance Requirement

  • All full-time degree students are required to have health insurance as a condition of enrollment
  • Applies to students attending the Durham, Manchester, or Concord campuses
  • Action must be taken each year; information doesn’t roll forward from year to year
  • Students are default enrolled in and charged for the UNH SHBP if they don’t submit a waiver by the semester deadline
  • As part of this requirement, all full-time degree students must take some action - by either enrolling in the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan (SHBP), or requesting a waiver.

Please watch your UNH email account for important dates regarding the health insurance process for each semester.

How to Waive or Enroll

Information about the health insurance reuqirements are posted on the UNH Durham website. 

Click here to go UNH's Health Insurance Requirement information online

A few helpful tips

  • Make sure you use your student ID# that begins with '9.' Click here to look up your student ID #. 
  • You must use your UNH email address. It will not accept any other.
  • You must be registered before you waive or enroll
  • If you are waiving, please print your confirmation
  • If you are waiving, you will need your current insurance information on hand
  • If you are enrolling, once you have received your confirmation, you may go back into the website to print your ID cards

September 15, 2017: Deadline to waive or enroll without being responsible for a surcharge.


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