Requests for refunds of tuition and course charges will be considered only if the student completes official withdrawal procedures. Students seeking refunds must sumbit a Change of Registration Add/Drop form or a withdraw form to the Registrar's Office at UNH Manchester. The official withdrawal date (the date the Change of Registration is received by the Registrar's Office) is the basis for any financial adjustments.

Direct deposit refunds can be requested through your Webcat account. Visit the Office of Student Accounts for questions regarding refunds. 

Full-time undergraduate degree students who reduce their course load to part-time status (11 credits or fewer) and part-time undergraduate students (degree and non-degree) will receive a refund of tuition in accordance with the schedule below. See the academic calendar for exact dates.

  • a 100% refund if the student withdraws on or before the second Friday of the semester;
  • a 50% refund if the student withdraws after the second Friday and on or before the fifth Friday of the semester;
  • No refunds will be authorized after the fifth Friday of classes.
  • Courses that do not conform to the academic semester calendar (including Summer Session and January terms) have a refund schedule different from that indicated above. Check with the Registrar's Office for specific dates.
  • No refunds will be authorized for a one weekend, one week, or two-week course once the course has begun.
  • Students registered for credit who change their status to audit are not eligible for a refund.

Students may petition to the College's Financial Appeals Committee for an exception to the refund policy. Petitions are approved only in cases of unforeseen compelling non-academic events. Petition forms are available at the Registrar's Office, Academic Counseling Office, and online. Written petitions should be supported with documentation and forwarded to the Academic Counseling Office for referral to the Financial Appeals Committee. 

Alternate refund schedules may apply to students receiving Title IV financial assistance. Students receiving financial aid must consult with the Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing from courses.

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