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Dare to Lead


Take your education to the next level to make an impact in your profession, your community and the world. Graduate education at UNH leads the way in inspiring and preparing today’s rising starts to become tomorrow’s successful leaders.

The UNH Graduate School offers post-baccalaureate programs in applied professional fields at both the Manchester and Durham campuses. Aimed at providing world-class educational opportunities for working professionals, graduate and certificate programs at the Manchester campus prepare you for leadership roles in business administration, education, educational administration and supervision, information technology, public administration, public health and social work.

New! Cybersecurity
Educational Studies
Educator Preparation
Information Technology
Public Administration
Public Health
Social Work

* Signifies programs that are also available partially or fully online.
** Signifies Accelerated Master’s Programs, which allows diligent undergraduate students the ability to earn both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in as little as five years.